A comprehensive manufacturer that produces aquarium fish breeding equipment | AQUA GEEK in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture

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Development, manufacturing, import/export, and wholesale of aquarium fish
breeding supply and related equipment

A comprehensive manufacturer of Water Purifiers,
RO Water, and Aquarium Supplies

AQUA GEEK, a comprehensive producer of aquarium fish breeding supply

Comprehensive manufacturer of aquarium fish breeding supply

We, AQUAGIEK, located in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, are looking for better and more convenient products from Japan and all over the world,
and we are putting these products into the market with thorough consideration.
We are a company that is always thinking about what is needed to raise living matters to a higher level.

We always think of providing an environment where saltwater fish and coral can live happily under the theme of how long and healthy they can be kept alive.

Various exchange filters & parts
CHRONOS rain and dedicated pressure pump
photo High-performance water purifier

High-performance water purifier capable of removing 99.9%
of radioactive substances!

Thoroughly pursuing the removal rate of impurities in tap water, CHRONOS rain is equipped with RO (reverse osmosis membrane) + DI (ion exchange) filter as standard, and even radioactive materials (cesium, radioactive iodine) are theoretically 99.9 % can be removed.
Furthermore, the Membrane, which boasts the maximum production volume at present, can produce an amazing amount of pure water of 680 L per day.



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